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Welcome to our Sourcing Hub!

The Hub is a result of our dedication to helping the recruitment community to explore, learn and share the best articles, channels, podcasts, and strategies to build sourcing. Here, we strive to have an overview of the tools available and the newest channels to source, promising strategies to use them, and how to leverage them in different situations, including prompts you can use across various applications. And, of course, have an overview of all the fantastic resources already created by the communities affected.

We kept it simple, four pages.

This place, in the end, it's a space for all the sourcers around the world to test, bring more Knowledge, and obtain feedback, developing this place as solid support for those who are starting this journey but also for others who are high scalable sourcers!

Make sure to ping us here or reach out on LinkedIn if there's something you need, want, or can add. We're dying to hear from you.

/The Pipelabs Team

Daniel Dudek

Benjamin Kesler

Diana Mendes

Per Tjernberg

Mine Hacısalihoğlu

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Contributor Guidelines

We made the journey smooth with navigation bars on the left and backlinks on any page you click inside these five pages so you can find your way around. The hub is also interactive to comment and start conversations about your insights and takeaways with community members.

We want to create a space for collaborative learning and sharing of ideas, and even though that should be as smooth as possible, we still want everything to be in order. So please adhere to the different fields in the respective databases. Just do your best, and try to add stuff in a way that makes it coherent.

If you've got some killer prompts working wonders in your business, add them to the relevant sections on our Sourcing Knowledge page and help the community take it to the next level! And if you've stumbled upon any new hacks or tools that are top-notch and have been an absolute lifesaver, don't be shy - add to tables on the Sourcing Hacks & Tools page and tell us all about it! Feel free to take a look at the use cases we put so far to get your creative juices flowing, and go ahead and show the world what we can do with Sourcing by dropping your story in what ways you used any of the discussed strategies here; please drop at the Practical Sessions page.